The CineMarathon was founded by The Eight (+/-) during lunch on a workday at a deli near Carderock Maryland (the year isn't important, but it was probably 2008 on a Tuesday--when these sorts of things are usually incepted). Back in those days we didn't have CineMarAlgorithms, we did all our voting by hand, and by hand we mean spread-sheets (what are we, Quakers?). Since then, the CineMarAlgorithm was developed to streamline the voting process and pack as much fun as efficiently as possible into the moments leading up to the CineMarathon.

The first annual CineMarathon was a roaring success. In 2008, we didn't know how successful the CineMarathon would be, so we've now gone back and digitally added in new characters like CineSquid (who's been the mascot the whole time); the old "shoot-second, ask questions on the special features disc" strategy. Ever since CineMarathon IV: A New CineSquid, we've held a subsequent CineMarathon every single year! Finally, we're holding the actual fourth CIneMarathon: CineMarathon I: The Phantom CineSquid, and if history is any indicator it's going to be the most successful CineMarathon of all time!