do you like movies?

(we do)

Have you ever stabbed your leg with a spork?
Have you ever held your breath UNDER water?
If you can answer yes to any of these questions then do we have the challenge for you: The CineMarathon.
CineWhat? CineMarthon! There are CineMarathons in:
Falls Church,
Hell--it's what put the DC Metropolitan Area on the map!

So um... tell me more.

What is a Cinemarathon?

A CineMarathon is the coupling of Marathon and Cinema; A social event in which the participants watch 26 consecutive hours of movies together. Basically:

+ =

Why have a CineMarathon?

The purpose of a CineMarathon is to bring friends together, to share great [and horrible] movies, and to conflate hours with miles.

Who is Cinemarathon for?

Anyone with enough time and constitution to endure 26 hours of movies.

When and Where are the CineMarathons?

The neato part is that you can plan a CineMarathon anytime you like using this site. Create an event within your social schedule, invite your friends and let the good times veg.

How does a CineMarathon Work?

The CineMarathon has 5 Phases:

  1. Event Creation: An event host will create an event where they establish the date, time, location, and number of nominations per participant (runners).
  2. Nominations: The host will be provided a link to distribute to the runners; all runners (including the host) will then spend a pre-designated period of time nominating movies.
  3. Voting: When all nominations are finished, the host will move the event into the Voting Phase. Runners will login to vote on the nominations, one pair at a time in a battle royale.
  4. Results: When the host feels enough votes have been cast (typically via a pre-determined deadline), they will move the event into the Results Phase. The CineMarAlgorithm compiles everyone's votes to determine the finalist movies for the event. The host will then select the first 26 hours of movies (with one or two back-ups).
  5. CineMarathon: This is the big event! Runners will spend the time between the Results Phase and the CineMarathon Phase collecting the movies on the list, and spend the next 26 hours at the event location watching the finalist movies in random or pseudo-random order! Bring snacks/drinks, wear comfortable clothes, and don't forget to have fun!

Who are The Eight?

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